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This is where tough spills get tackled!

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Watch the world's No. 1 absorbent at work!

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NO. We're not like other absorbents!

Proven 400% more effective than kitty litter.

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Spill Tackle is a fully sustainable absorbent sourced and manufactured in the U.S.

Spill Tackle is up to 6x more absorbent than "kitty litter", drastically reduces disposal costs of used sorbents, and exceeds environmental expectations for companies.



Weight matters. Our product reduces your transportation and storage costs by being super light weight, absorbing more with less.

Images courtesy of our good friends @nelcon_towing in North Haven, CT responding to a large diesel spill with Spill Tackle and Spill Tackle socks.

They received their first order two weeks ago, and are already putting multiple products to use throughout their operations.


If you use bulk absorbents by the pallet full, we need to get our product in your hands! 

You will be shocked - this is a game chaging product!

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If you are a small quantity user, please CLICK HERE for retail. 

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